The Defeat of Jesse James Days Ambassadors recently met up with Miss Minnesota Michaelene Karlen at the Timberwolves Sparkle Night (where proceeds from ticket sales went to Gillette Children’s Hospital).  She is a remarkable lady who “won” her pageant crown by being the “best”. She even went on to finish in the Top 15 at the Miss America pageant. We think this is wonderful and we are thrilled for her. Pageants are great venues to build leadership skills for women all around the world.

BUT this is NOT why the DJJD Ambassadors wears crowns!  We aren’t a pageant. We are non-competitive because it’s not about being the ‘best’.  The ambassadors are not chosen because they are the ‘best’ speakers, wear the prettiest dresses or are better than anyone else in any way.  They are chosen because they possess the qualities for being public relations ambassadors. They are friendly, kind, choose to be positive role models, are team players and have a heart for serving others along with their community.  They wanted this ‘job’ and are committed to a full year of service.

Then why wear crowns?  There are two main reasons.  The first is that sparkling crowns are a vehicle for making people feel special…especially those who view the Ambassadors as Princesses.  Children, the elderly, and those with special needs are some who feel special from receiving attention from a “princess”. Our Ambassadors know that their year of service is not about themselves…it’s about how they can make a positive impact on how others feel.

Also, the Ambassadors are walking billboards for the community.  They dress alike to portray a ‘team’ concept, much like a sports uniform signifies unity and working together.  The crowns draw extra attention, something that is highly desirable for promoting the community. When people see the Ambassadors in a possible light, they see Northfield & the Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration in a positive light.

Did you know that our program is a service-based organization?  More than half of what we do is serving others! Did you know that this is a Scholarship Program for the Ambassadors?  We know that during the school year, school and family are the most important and we are very flexible with schedules. Most of our busy time is during the summer.  At the end of their year, the Ambassadors will receive a $2,000 scholarship. Please check out our photos on our Facebook page (Defeat of Jesse James Days Ambassador Scholarship Program) to see the Ambassadors in action.

We are currently signing up candidates for our summer candidacy program.  Ambassador candidates must be 16 -21 by July 15, 2019, and Junior Ambassador Candidates must be ages 6-8.  For more information contact Rebecca Peterson (Candidate Chair) at  or Katie Malecha (Jr Candidate Chair)