The Hunters Survival Guide – Tips and Tricks on Hunting Horseshoes

Clue 5

The bearded hunter will search from Hay to lumber.

You’re looking for a road, a park, and a hero all in one.

But, be sure to go east.

Or you’ll be up a creek without a horseshoe.

And it wouldn’t hurt to book your tickets to the banquet.

Clue 4

The brave hunter will search from pasture to woods.

If you’re confused just keep the faith.

You’ll find a ray of light when this all comes together.

You’ll want to turn over every possible hiding spot.

But stay away from any eternal resting spot.

Clue 3

The veteran hunter will search from field to trees.

Finding the right field will give you a glimmer of hope.

And finding the right street will make all the difference.

But every townie knows who’s on third.

Knowing this will put you in first.

Clue 2

The humble hunter will search from farm to forest.

You will want to rely on your training using strategy and discipline.

Make extra sure all clues are accounted for with precision.

When out in the field be sure to remain calm.

And it wouldn’t hurt to hunt quietly.

Clue 1

The first thing you need to do is register your button.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a flier.

You’ll want to brush up on your Northfield history.

And remember the colleges and schools are off-limits.

Oh, it also might help if you say a prayer.

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When in doubt, READ THE RULES.