Clue #6 (Monday)

His life flashed before his eyes...
Regrets about going round-and-round with things
Wanting to reach the very top in his new land 
But it was all water under the bridge
Life was no picnic
But he stepped into the thick of it
And had reached new heights
He was one with himself
And like that, Nicolaus was gone
Clue #5 (Sunday)

Nicolaus Gustafson went looking for new life
Rounding the trail he crossed the iron bridge 
Just up the ridge, the shoe was sprung
Inscribed on top... ”just add sun”
Clue #4 (Saturday)

In the span of 4 days, he fought for his life
But he was shot in the top of his head
The family and townspeople filled with strife
An epic battle in the streets and in his bed
Clue #3 (Friday)

Gusty’s kin took the reigns
The trail was polyonymous
The path they took was the same
These men looked oddly ominous
Clue #2 (Thursday)

Then Gustafson came to town that day
It became the crown of historic places
The Swedish trader had nothing to say
He was close enough to see their faces
Clue #1 (Wednesday)

Nicolaus was new to town
His part in the raid remembered
Cole hollered aloud then shot the man down
In 4 days he died in September

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