These ten DJJD tips will make you a pro!

10. Plan your parking. Because DJJD takes place in Downtown Northfield, parking is at premium. If you arrive early, you may be able to get a spot in the Washington Street parking lot. However, if you park over by the Car show or the Central Park Craft Show, you will be close enough to the action and able to walk anywhere. There is also a shuttle running throughout the celebration. Click here for more info.

9. Bring hand sanitizer and disposable wipes. Portable toilets. Enough said.

8. Bring ear protection if you are planning on watching the bank raid, eespecially for small children. The re-enactors are using real guns with blank rounds, but it is a gun fight and can be scary for children. The Sertoma Club will also be giving away ear plugs prior to all re-enactments.

7. Hold hands. DJJD draws huge crowds, so have a plan and stick together. Consider taking a picture of your children the morning of the show to be shared with the safety and security team if you get separated from each other. Also, writing your cell phone number on your child’s arm or hand with permanent marker is a great idea. Do what you would do going to any large event such as an amusement park, fair or professional sporting event.

6. Bring cash. There will be ATMs at local banks but it will be easier for you to have cash. The food and beverage vendors are cash only so plan ahead.

5. What to wear to the DJJD is always a top question. Here’s our most comprehensive answer to date:
• Dress in layers and keep them with you. We all know that Minnesota weather can be unpredictable so bring extra layers with you because it can be a very long walk back to the car if the weather changes unexpectedly.
• Bring ponchos instead of umbrellas! You want to be able to move quickly, stay dry, and be able to watch the take in the celebration even if it’s raining.
• Wear sunscreen and reapply often!
• Consider a hat for children and sunglasses for everyone because much of the day you will be outside.

4. Get a De-Feet doughnut from Quality Bakery. We don’t want to single any specific business out, but have you ever eaten a doughnut shaped like a foot?

3. If you plan on enjoying yourself at the Entertainment Center in the evening plan ahead. Have a friend drive you home or use the sober cab system that is offered at the tent.

2. Go to the Northfield Historical Society and take a tour. DJJD is all about celebrating the heroism of the Northfield citizens on September 7, 1876. They have many artifacts from the raid and their trained docents will give you a full account of the raid. If you want to avoid big lines, go in the morning or after 5:00 p.m.

1C. Buy a button. It costs a lot of money to put on the celebration. Purchasing a button helps to offset certain expenses. It will also allow you to sit in the bleachers for the bank raids and get into the Entertainment Center!

1B. Get to the bank raids at least 20-30 minutes in advance if you want a good spot. Do not think you will get a spot across from the historic bank site 5 minutes prior to the re-enactment.

1A. Try and take in a rodeo. This is one of the best rodeos in the area and you will not want to miss it! There are three times to choose from, Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 2pm and 8pm.

1. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone and use #djjd to share your pics!