Beard Contest

DJJD Beard Contest Division Street
Saturday, 6 p.m. (immediately following final bank raid re-enactment), $15 entry fee, includes official button and shirt.

Beard Growing Contest— how fast can you grow a beard? How long will it grow? Will it be patchy or full? Earn bragging rights for the Best full Beard grown! Everyone must be cleanly shaven on Saturday, July 28th.

Adam from Bridge Square Barbers is available to give you the full treatment. Please call 507-645-4193 for prices and to schedule an appointment between 8 am and 3 pm.  Are you from out of town, or would rather shave? Just take a selfie showing your clean-shaven face, and a newspaper dated 7/28/2019, and send the photo to our Event page at Defeat of Jesse James Days Beard contest.


Not interested in growing a beard, or shaving off what you have? Check out these additional categories!

  • The Henry Wheeler “Push broom” mustache – Does your mustache to cover your upper lip, and curl a little on the ends.?
  • The Cole Younger “Lamb Chop” sideburns—Show off your best and bushiest side burns.
  • The Jesse James Goatee—Can you be as Dapper as the Outlaw Jesse James with a Goatee?
  • The Distinguished Joseph Lee Heywood full beard and mustache— Who has the best full beard and mustache in the heat of summer? You do!
  • Custom Category—let your imagination flow with this one! Can you create curls, swirls, or other masterpieces? We want to see!

The competition will be Saturday, September 7th, immediately following the 6PM Bank Raid Re-enactment on Division Street. Look for the Neveah Mobile Salon in front of the Museum. Cost to participate is $15, and you will receive a T-shirt and Button, that will get you into other fun Defeat of Jesse James Days events!