The James-Younger Gang

One Fateful September Day

One Small Town Fought Back

Performance Schedule (NOT VALID FOR 2020)

  • Friday 6pm and 7pm (We apologize that ASL is not availble this year on Friday)
  • Saturday 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm (ASL at 11,1,3)
  • Sunday 11am & 12:30pm (ASL 11) (limited seating at 12:30 show)
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The Raid Re-Enactment takes about 30 minutes to complete. There is a narrative description of the events that took place in 1876 which is promptly followed by the appearance of the James/Younger Gang and the re-enactment.

All participants in the re-enactment are volunteers and are not paid for their performances. Many of them own the authentic 1876 costumes they are wearing, while others are provided by the Northfield Historical Society. For more information, here is a historical account of the bank raid.

Please note that the James/Younger Gang does re-enact the raid with Horses and Pistols and the Towns People are also armed. They will be discharging blank rounds of ammunition during the raid re-enactments. Please take necessary precautions with children and pets.

Bleachers are set up on Division Street across from the Historic First National Bank Site, where the raid re-enactment takes place. You are welcome, at no additional expense, to use the bleachers if you are wearing a current year Defeat of Jesse James Days button. Sorry, but we do not take reservations for the bleachers – First Come First Served.

The DJJD Committee is not responsible for any personal injury incurred while participating in or attending this event.

The usage of the bleachers on Division Street and Bridge Square require a current celebration button.