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There is so much to do during the Defeat of Jesse James Days! Dig into the various events going on at any time.

Watch the Historic Re-Enactment

Come watch our authentic replica of the botched bank robbery on Northfield First National Bank in 1876. Our re-enactments are world renowned.

See the Rodeo

This PRCA sanctioned rodeo is comprised of five generations over 75 years. They are known around the country for providing rodeos with high quality stock and great professionalism.

Bands Playing Under the Bigtop

Bridge Square – Water Street – Big top event tent – Button required for music acts.

Antique Tractor Pull 2015 Results

Farmstock 3250 1. Sara Bultman 2. Audra Shaleen 3. John Keller 3500 1. Sara Bultman 2. Audra Shaleen 3. John Keller 4500 1. Carl Larisn 2. Brad Struck 3. Tim Chlan 5500 1. Tim Ellingson 2. Brad Struck 3. Sid Kasper 6500 1. Greg Knott 2. Tim Ellingson 3. Sid Kasper...

Inaugural DJJD Hockey Shootout a Success

Inaugural DJJD Hockey Shootout a Success

The Northfield Hockey Association hosted the inaugural Defeat of Jesse James Hockey Shootout in conjunction with the annual Defeat of Jesse James Days, September 11-13. The tournament consisted of U12 girls’ teams from Northfield, Apple Valley, Hastings, Farmington,...