Horse Shoe Hunt

horseshoe-300x3002015 Dates for Hunting:  August 31st – September 5th (Monday – Saturday)

Horseshoe Hunt Rules and Guidelines

  • (IMPORTANT) Buttons needed to be registered before the start of the hunt to receive the full $1100 grand prize.  If you did not register and do find the horseshoe, you can claim the $100 consolation prize.
  • Northfield public school’s and grounds are NOT city owned and exempt from this contest.  Please stay off all school property, including the colleges.
  • Members of the DJJD Committee, Northfield News, KYMN and their immediate family are not eligible to win as clues will be posted online, announced on air and found in print no later than 7am each day.
  • The winner must be 18 years old or older.  In past years whole families join together to work out the clues and search for the horseshoe.  This is acceptable as long as a legal adult is supervising the search and able to represent the family if found.
  • The horseshoe will be located on public property within Northfield and will not be buried. NO digging will be necessary in the retrieval of the horseshoe and it will NOT be high up where you’d be required to climb or use a ladder.  PRIVATE property is excluded and we ask you are respectful as you search public areas.  Should any damage to any property occur while retrieving the horseshoe, the winner will forfeit all prize money.
  • The DJJD Committee is not responsible for any personal injury incurred hunting for or retrieving the horseshoe.  The horseshoe is placed with safety in mind.  Please hunt responsibly.
  • Hunt Specific Page

    When the horseshoe is found, the winner must immediately notify Tim Freeland (tim at djjd dot org OR 507-581-5038).  Tim will arrange to meet you and confirm the shoes authenticity.  You must be present at the DJJD Committee meeting the Tuesday Sept 8th 2015 at 7pm at Jesse James Lanes to receive your check.

  • There is no cost for this event but you do need to register your 2015 DJJD button to claim the FULL prize.
  • If you win, you must agree to be publicly named along with the possibility of an on-air radio interview, your photo and name(s) on various local websites and a picture and write up in the paper.
  • If the horseshoe goes un-found by 5pm on Tuesday September 2nd 2014, the hunt will officially end for the year.
Event Chair: Tim Freeland.  Tim at DJJD dot org

Official Event Sponsors!

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