Horse Shoe Hunt

 The 20th Annual, 2017 Dates for Hunting:  August 30th – September 4th

(Wed – Monday: Labor Day)

Horseshoe Hunt Rules and Guidelines

A Note From The Event Chairman

Hunting for the horseshoe can be frustrating, but mostly rewarding. My goal is to get people out in the community to enjoy our great city, the public areas and to be with friends, families, and neighbors. Clues have been interpreted in many different ways each year. If you think you’ve come up with a clever connection relating to your hunt experience, please email me with details.  I love to hear about it. Tell me stories.  And if you find anything that resembles a horseshoe, as many people do amazingly, take a photo of it and send to me.

I do my best to be fair to all hunters and to give everyone an even playing field. Remember that our committee is an all-volunteer organization and we do what we do because we love the event, the City and the people. While my clues often involve the use of technology, I do not ever make it so those who are not tech-savvy are at a disadvantage.

Once the game is over, I will publish an explanation of all clues that reveal what I had in mind when writing them.  Thank you for hunting!

Tim Freeland – Event Chairman

Event Chair: Tim Freeland.  Tim at DJJD dot org. Please Text questions to 507-581-5038.

Please support these Official Event Sponsors! They pay for the prize

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